Top Green & Clean Beauty Brands

BAMBII is Australia’s best curation of clean, natural, sustainable, ethical and green science-backed beauty from around the world.

BAMBII is committed to providing you with better beauty products, ones that you can feel good about. Our focus is on natural, clean, ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients that don’t compromise on efficacy. This is where green science shines. 

We’ve collaborated with industry experts and conducted extensive research to ensure that every product on offer meets our high sustainability, quality and efficacy standards. We know there’s a lot of noise out there, and that navigating the world of beauty can be hard. We hope in curating our BAMBII-approved edit, it’s only easier for you.

All products on BAMBII are clean and ingredients have been checked against our BAMBII Standards by a cosmetic chemist.

A, B, C

AEOS - Certified Organic & Natural Skincare

BIODE - Compostable, Clean, Sustainable, Natural Body Products

E, F, G, H, I

ERE PEREZ - Clean, Ethical and Sustainable Makeup

FOUNDERS FORMULA - Australian Botanical Clean Skincare

FURTUNA SKIN - Certified Organic & Natural Skincare

IMBIBE - Clean, Sustainable, Ethical Skincare

J, K, L, M, N

LESSE - Natural & Organic Skincare, Made with Marine Ingredients

LUK BEAUTIFOOD - Natural & Clean Makeup, Developed by Food Scientist

MONO SKINCARE - Sustainable World First Tablet Technology, Natural and Organic

NUORI - Fresh, Clean, Natural Skincare 

O, P, Q, R, S

ONE SEED - Natural and Organic Parfum

PEOPLE4OCEAN - Natural, Mineral, Reef-safe, Zinc, TGA approved Sunscreen

RAAIE - Clean, New Zealand Botanical Skincare

R=COMB - Sustainable, Recycled Plastic Stylish Hair combs

REMI - Sustainable, Zero-plastic, Clean, Vegan Skincare

SOMM SKIN - Clean, Natural, Botanical Skincare

T, U, V, W, X

TERRA TONICS - Australian & Indian Botanical Bioavailable Clean Skincare

THE KIND SUNSCREEN - Natural & Clean Mineral Sunscreen

VAHY - Premium Clean & Natural Fragrances

VANESSA MEGAN - Clean Skincare

ZODIAQUE MOON - Natural & Clean Candles


Top Selling Brands

Embark on a journey of discovery with our top-selling brands, making waves in the clean, sustainable, natural, and ethical beauty industry. Elevate your beauty routine with cutting-edge natural ingredient technology that's redefining the standards. Unveil a new era of efficacious, conscious beauty.


IMBIBE prioritising quality and scientifically validating their high-performance, results-driven range, all while maintaining a commitment to clean, natural, Australian-made excellence.

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NUORI's Pure Ingredient Philosophy ensures 100% purity with natural, synthetic-free products, rich in skin-friendly elements, and guaranteed efficacy through extensive testing, all enhanced by scents from essential oils and plant extracts.

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Ere Perez

Ere Perez, an Australian beauty brand with 20 years of industry expertise, harmonizes science and botanicals in minimalistic, ethical formulas featuring rejuvenating superfood ingredients.

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