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To bring you nature’s best beauty secrets in a way that’s sustainable, ethical, transparent and powered by green science. 


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Explore the distinctive features of BAMBII that sets it apart from others in the industry, primarily due to our model's unique attributes.

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Unearth the foundation of our fundamental principles that propel us towards fostering beauty for a better world.

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Tenielle Dunstall BAMBII Natural Beauty

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RUSSH Magainze

"The clean beauty movement has defined the last few years. But this rise in 'organic' 'sustainable' & 'non-toxic' products has also come with a lot of misinformation, fear mongering & green washing. How do we know what's legitimate? BAMBII was Tenielle Dunstall's answer."
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"[BAMBII's] commitment to transparency gives consumers the confidence to know exactly what they are getting and how it aligns with their values"
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DOMAIN Magazine

"Tenielle is a true believer in science-based, ethically sourced beauty products. After working in the industry for 16 years she launched BAMBII - an online beauty retailer serious about full transparency."
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ELLE Australia

"BAMBII not only curates the best of clean beauty, but actively partners with chemists & industry experts to share the latest research & insights from the field."