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鳄梨防水睫毛膏 - 黑色

鳄梨防水睫毛膏 - 黑色

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Ere Perez 痴迷于开发能够滋养和支持健康皮肤和头发的化妆品。这款睫毛膏旨在让您的睫毛彰显个性,同时通过其配方促进毛发生长和强韧。我们的团队使用滋养油和蜡的混合物,创造了一种独特的干式配方,持久且防水。


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  • 干式配方
  • 持久防水
  • 支持睫毛的生长和强度
  • 对敏感眼睛刺激性低
  • 纯素食且无残忍行为
  • 10 毫升/0.35 盎司


  1. 用我们精美的睫毛夹准备您的睫毛。
  2. 然后,涂抹睫毛膏作为眼妆程序的最后一步。
  3. 将刷棒浸入容器中,擦掉边缘多余的睫毛膏,然后向上涂抹到睫毛下侧
  4. 在上睫毛上涂抹几层以增强颜色,在下睫毛上涂抹一层。

Copernicia cerifera(巴西棕榈)蜡、大豆(大豆)籽油、棕榈仁蜡、琥珀酸二庚酯、辛酰甘油/癸二酸共聚物、licania arborea(cacahuananche)油、persea gratissima(鳄梨)油、硬脂酸钙、甜杏仁油、油茶籽油、马梅籽油、棕榈酸、生育酚乙酸酯、辛酸甘油酯、十一烯酸甘油酯、CI 77499、CI77499。

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kate Penhorwood

I love this mascara! It’s clean and goes on smoothly.


Ngl… I did not have high hopes for this mascara. It’s my first time trying a natural one, even more so one that claims to be waterproof which I need if I want to keep a curl for my stick straight downward pointing lashes. I also know that I prefer the plastic bristle wands again for my lash type. From my experience, “natural” bristle brushes make my lashes stick together, they get all clumpy and I lack volume. So when I tried this mascara out and it KEPT my curl, did NOT clump and ADDED volume… I was sold. On top of that I have super sensitive eyes and my eyes did not get irritated at all! Even when taking it off which was much easier than every other waterproof mascara I tried. But that’s not all… the second day of wearing it it lasted ALL day and I mean through a nap AND (sorry not sorry for this) through gastro. Even after chucking up my guts, my mascara stayed out and did not flake or transfer. Safe to say, I will never use another mascara again.

Hi Lauren, thank you for your amazing review! SO happy you have found your forever mascara!

EP x

Kim Lawler
Reliable mascara

Ive found this product great! It doesn't smudge and looks good.

Dora Gombos
Best mascara

I love this mascara! This is the only one I’ve found that is natural and waterproof! Easy to put on, looks nice.

Amazing! Thank you, Dora!
EP xx

Ellen Hatton
Holy grail

Not my first purchase and not my last, this is the best mascara I have ever bought and the only one that doesn’t irritated my eyes after a long day. I’ve even slept with it on and still no irritation. Winner.

Thanks, Ellen! So happy you have found your holy grail!
EP x

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