Lük Beautifood

Consciously Made Australian Beauty

Imagine a world where the beauty industry was as pure and wholesome as the food we eat. Cindy Lüken, a food scientist, chef, and award-winning entrepreneur, didn't just imagine it - she made it a reality with Lük Beautifood.

Lük Beautifood's mission is simple yet powerful: to create beauty products that are packed with the same nutrient-rich ingredients we consume for our inner health and well-being. Their natural and toxic-free cosmetics range is crafted with only the most nutritious and safe ingredients. By replacing unfavourable chemicals with foods full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and good fats that are essential for healthy, glowing skin, Lük Beautifood has delivered on their promise to provide a clean, conscious, and credible product.

With over 4,500 4.9-star customer reviews, 10+ global awards, and scientific accreditations, it's no wonder Lük Beautifood is a pioneer in the clean beauty movement. 

Green Science

Luk Beautifood cherry plum natural makeup
Clean make up by Luk Beautifood at BAMBII

Ethical Standards


Clean beautifood standards for makeup