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Miracle Collagen
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Miracle Collagen
Miracle Collagen

Miracle Collagen

Miracle Collagen

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Miracle Collagen contains bioactive collagen peptides with a specific molecular weight of 2kDa, clinically shown to stimulate the skin and strengthen the hair and nails.

Miracle Collagen is based on ten years of research and development and has been clinically shown to improve elastin and re-hydrate the skin. 

Discover Imbibe newest innovations in zero-waste beauty and the heroes of our Make Beauty Better™ campaign, our Miracle Collagen bio-photonic Miron glass jar and refill bag.

Bioactive collagen peptides: low molecular weight, tasteless, odourless bioactive collagen peptides with 18 essential and non-essential amino acids.

Discover our Fudgey Collagen Brownies recipe.

Made in Australia

BAMBII Beauty Sustainable ethical green science cruelty free standards
BAMBII, Australia’s only green science-backed beauty haven, that goes beyond clean—

Embracing sustainability, ethics, & high-quality ingredients, free from harsh chemicals. Every product undergoes expert vetting by our cosmetics chemist.

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Add 2.5g - 5g (approx. 1-2 metric tsp) to any liquid and stir to dissolve. Take up to three times a day for accelerated benefits. We recommend purchasing the sustainable Miron glass jar + compostable refill bag as a set. Keep your glass jar, and refill it with the compostable refill bag.

Please note, Miracle Collagen will become denser in volume once settled. Avoid moisture and shake well before serving.

100% bioactive & bioavailable collagen peptides. No fillers, flavourings or bulking agents.

The amino acid composition comprises 18 amino acids, including the superstars proline, lysineand glycine. Glycine supports collagen structure, production and regeneration and protects cells from oxidative stress.
Proline assists in collagen formation, skin and wound repair, cartilage and connective tissue regeneration, gut lining healing, and joint repair. Lysine is vital in forming collagen, which is critical for connective tissues, including skin, tendons, and cartilage.

Amino acid weights: Hydroxyproline 11.7gr, Aspartic Acid 5.7, Serine 3.3, Glutamic Acids 9.8, Glycine 22.3, Histidine 0.9, Arginine 7.2, Threonine 2.1, Alanine 8.6, Proline 13.1, Tyrosine 0.8, Hydroxylysine 1.5, Valine 2.4, Methionine 0.6, Lysine 3.6, Isoleucine 1.5, Leucine 2.8, Phenyalanine 2.0


No, Miracle Collagen is not a vegan product, as it contains bovine collagen.

IMBIBE is a proudly Australian-made and manufactured brand. Our HQ is located in Byron Bay, NSW.

Yes, this product is pregnancy and breastfeeding safe; however, we recommend you check with your healthcare professional

Imbibe collagen comes from global sources, including Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and others. Manufacturers act as a part of the Five Acts for Animal Freedom: a regulatory body that ensures best farming practices and animal care standards.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beyond Impressed!

I was told about this product and it really lived up to the hype! I have been taking it for a few weeks now and I can feel the difference with the wrinkles on my face. I was also taking it for my knee issues and I feel like I can move a lot more freely now. AMAZING product!

The best Collagen on the market!

I've tried many and this is by far the best I have tried! Repurchased and refill option is both affordable and sustainable! Can not recommend enough how great this product is, literally a miracle solution!

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zero waste miracle collagen improve elastin

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