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Ere Perez 畅销且深受喜爱的燕麦奶粉底采用燕麦奶、桃子和维生素 E 等明星天然成分,有助于全天滋养肌肤。这款粉底打造清新、水润的妆容,轻松融入肌肤。

这款粉底可涂抹、质地轻盈、不含杂质,让您的肌肤仍能呼吸。这里没有蛋糕脸!有 8 种色调可供选择,适合各种肤色。虽然我们的色调看起来简约,但它们都非常通用!每种色调都适合多种肤色和微妙的变化。

  • 一种轻质、可建造的液体
  • 适合所有肤质和敏感肌肤
  • 中度-全覆盖
  • 水润妆效
  • 30 毫升/1 盎司


  1. 在洁净的脸部上,使用辣木全效美容霜作为底霜,轻轻擦拭到皮肤上。让其干燥。
  2. 将豌豆大小的燕麦奶粉底倒在手上。
  3. 用我们的生态素食多功能刷将粉底点在脸颊、额头、下巴和鼻子上。
  4. 或者,用指尖加热配方,然后按压到皮肤上,以获得完美的妆容。
  5. 以打圈动作融合,均匀覆盖整个脸部,打造自然底色。

水、椰油辛酸酯/癸酸酯、甘油、聚甘油-6 聚蓖麻醇酯、燕麦(燕麦)仁提取物、桃子(桃)果提取物、生育酚乙酸酯(维生素 E)、生物糖胶-1、茴香酸钠、钠乙酰丙酸盐、硫酸镁、水杨酸钠、乙基己基甘油、柠檬酸、辛酸甘油酯、多羟基硬脂酸、山梨酸钾。可能含有 +/- CI 77491、CI 77492、CI 77499(氧化铁)、CI77891(二氧化钛)。

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Jennifer Bateman
Full coverage light

Application feels light and breathable.including full coverage.

Nita Lau
Best foundation I’ve used

I’ve used many natural foundations before but I often get red itchy blotches a few hours in. This oat milk one is the only one that keeps my skin calm yet provide excellent coverage. Recommend.

Alice Clark
Light coverage, nice to wear

The coverage is light and probably not worth the price. I’m finding I need a lot of concealer to support an even coverage.
The product is nice to wear. I will continue to use it for daytime wear.

Kim Lawler
Best ever foundation

I love this foundation. It looks good, soft and smooth and is very natural. My skin feels good when using this.

Rayne Bell
Great foundation

Absolutely love this foundation, has taken a little bit to find a great low tox foundation but this is the one for me. Paired with the foundation brush I am very happy with the combination. It’s great for everyday wear but also great if you’re looking for a full face of make up for special occasion.

Thanks for your review, Rayne! So great you have found the perfect low tox foundation for you! :)
EP x

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