Hailey Bieber Latte Makeup Look: Step-by-Step Guide


Get ready to shine in the New Year with our Hailey Bieber Latte Makeup Look, as seen on the stunning Hailey herself, featuring our incredible Jojoba Natural Eye Liner Pencil in Bronzed! Recreate this show-stopping look with our step-by-step guide and expert makeup tips that will have you effortlessly stunning this party season.

1. Skincare: Nurturing Your Canvas

To achieve naturally stunning skin that glows a holistic makeup journey needs to be adopted, that prioritises your skincare routine. Start with the invigorating Lesse Mico-Exfoliating Cleanser to remove skin roughness due to dead skin to reveal a more radiant complexion. Follow up with a double cleans with the Furtuna Skin Cleansing Balm, for a clean and rejuvenated skin base. Finish your skincare with the Aeos Revitalising Serum and Aeos Pink Moisturising Cream, infusing your skin with essential nutrients and hydration through certified organic and natural ingredients.

2. Prime Skin: Luminosity from Within

Often overlooked but incredibly essential – priming the skin is a game-changer often mistaken for a skincare step. Enter the Instant Glow Tinted Complexion BalmWhile it's your go-to tinted moisturiser for everyday glam, this multitasking marvel is also a skin priming powerhouse. Enhancing your skin's natural radiance, it effortlessly blurs imperfections, creating a lightweight, luminous base for your makeup masterpiece.

For a flawless daytime look, use our primer with sunscreen. The NEW Tinted SPF 50+ Mineral Bioactive Face Cream is a game-changer. TGA-approved, zinc-based, blocking both UVA & UVB without harsh chemicals. Fragrance-free, fast-absorbing, non-greasy, no white cast. Created with marine life in mind by marine biologist and spa experts. The best in market face tinted sunscreen!


3. Foundation: Oat Milk Dewy Glow

Now that the canvas is set, it's time for the star of the show – Ere Perez's Oat Milk Foundation. Offering a radiant, medium coverage, it stands out as the best natural foundation in the market, as confirmed by our glowing customer reviews. Enriched with oat milk, peach, and vitamin E, this foundation not only delivers a fresh, dewy finish but also nourishes your skin all day long. Its buildable and lightweight formula ensures a natural look that seamlessly harmonises with a spectrum of skin tones.


4. Contouring/Highlighting: Sculpting Definition

Contouring is an art form, and whether you prefer powder or a foundation two shades darker than your base, it's about sculpting the frame of your face. Elevate your features and emphasise natural shadows with the Vanilla Highlighter. Illuminate key areas, as shown in the diagram, on cheekbones, forehead, around the eyes, and on the chin. Complete your flawless look by setting it with the  Corn Setting Powder for a matte finish that enhances the longevity of your makeup.

Contour make up how to
Contoured make up guide

5. Brows: Artistry in Detail

Transform your makeup routine effortlessly with a simple yet impactful change – your brows! Kickstart your brow makeover with the Almond Brow Pencil, uniquely formulated with sweet almond oil for protection and nourishment. Achieve a naturally defined look by filling in gaps and using the inbuilt grooming brush for precision. For added definition and volume, elevate your brows with Argo Brow Hero, a dark brown tinted textured gel, based on experience the best brow gel on the market! Discover why in our reviews.


ere perez brow hero argon



6. Eyes: Embracing the Bronze Goddess

Meet the star of Hailey Bieber's signature latte makeup – the bronzed eye look using the Jojoba Eye PencilEffortlessly create a subtle winged eye that complements the natural shape of your eyes. This soft eye pencil applies easily and precisely, allowing for a flawless finish. If you prefer a smudged look, its silky texture makes it perfect for blending out the lines. Complete your eye makeup by using a gentle eyelash curler with rubber inserts for soft curling so not to break the lashes and apply the Avocado Waterproof Mascara. This mascara not only sets your lashes in place but also ensures a long-lasting curled effect that truly lifts and opens your eyes.


7. Lips: The Natural Lip Lift

Craving fuller, more voluminous lips? Achieve it naturally by outlining just beyond your natural lip line. Opt for lipstick crayons – the perfect tool to both line and blend seamlessly in a single color for that fuller, natural look. For Hailey's lip color, we recommend the Natural Lipstick Crayon in Fig Brulee. This high-pigment, hydrating crayon serves dual purposes as a lipstick and lip liner, offering full coverage with a velvety demi-matte finish. Elevate your everyday lip plumping with the Collagen Lips Plum Honey shade, a collagen-infused formula known for its 'grainy' texture. These active peptides melt into your lips, naturally enhancing and lifting for a sensational pout.


Finished Result

Lastly, a sun care reminder. When enjoying the sun, ensure you apply TGA-approved sunscreen. Avoid makeup-tinted sunscreens, as they may not be tested under Australian TGA guidelines. Sunscreen is your ultimate defense against aging, so check for clean formulations free from harsh ingredients to keep your skin protected and healthy.

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