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Super lightweight and non-greasy!

I loved the formula of this sunscreen, it made for the perfect makeup base and will definitely be a part of my regular routine!

A great product

I’ve been waiting for your tinted face cream for a long time, and it didn’t disappoint. Thank you for such a great product.

Thank you for this feedback Lowell, we are extremely grateful!!

Love it!

I have very fair skin that freckles and burns easily so wearing good sunscreen daily is a non-negotiable. I have finally found something that covers beautifully, protects my skin, and doesn’t cause breakouts. Highly recommend!

Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback Katrina. We are thrilled to hear you are so happy with it! Thank you for sharing your feedback.

Best tinted suncream

Does exactly what it promises! Lightly blurrs and illuminates complexion. Cream is a beautiful texture. I purchased the sample size and after one application, purchased the full size.

That is wonderful to hear Zoe! We are thrilled to hear the product works for you. Thank you so much for your support and for sharing your feedback.

Handbag essential

This is the only face sunscreen that i want to apply everyday! It's not oily and just a slight tint that blurs imperfections.
Take this with me everywhere. Love!


I find it really hard to find a non-chemical and proper face sunscreen, not one of those tinted moisturisers with SPF that don't work. This tinted SPF feels amazing on the skin, surprisingly very light given it's a cream. The tint is a beautiful colour that gives you a natural glow and doesn't leave a white finish like other sunscreens. I also love the fact it was developed by two marine biologists, reef-safe, and is made with marine ingredients. This will definitely be an everyday product, it's the BEST!

Beyond Impressed!

I was told about this product and it really lived up to the hype! I have been taking it for a few weeks now and I can feel the difference with the wrinkles on my face. I was also taking it for my knee issues and I feel like I can move a lot more freely now. AMAZING product!

Very effective serum!

I'm in my mid 70s and my skin has never felt so lifted. Friends have been commenting on how young I look! Despite being older with dryer skin, I don't like creams. This serum is more like a gel, which I LOVE!

Best Oil Cleanser I Have Ever Used!

I'm now on my 4th bottle of this oil cleanser. I keep it in the shower to wash my face. Love the smell and it feels incredibly nourishing on my skin. I am hooked!

Collagen Lips
Absolutely love my collagen lips!

I was amazed when I first used this, you could actually feel the peptides in the product melting into your lips. The best part is, I have actually seen my lips become plumper! Can't wait to try the new colour!

Beautifully Designed Comb

Love this comb! It's the perfect size and is beautifully designed with multi colours running through it. Very unique.

Loving the results from this. My skin is clearer. Highly recommend !

The most perfect duo!

Wonderful Company
Beautiful Products
5 star service ☆☆☆☆☆

Fantastic combination of products!

Love this box! The Imbibe Collagen is the best I have ever used and the collagen lips makes a huge difference to upper lip wrinkles and overall plumpness - especially when used at night. As for the Raaie serums - to die for and my skin feels so firm and bouncy! Love the whole lot!

Good as a lip gloss

This product is good, but I wouldn’t say that it’s a lip mask more of a lipgloss

Hi Tahlia,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on our Sweet Dreams Mask. Your feedback is important to us.

A little secret in using the lip mask is that it is recommended to be used before you go to bed, and the moisture-recharging mask melts away dead skin cells and flakes, revealing nourished lips by morning. The melting effect of the mask may seem like it goes into more of a gloss; however, that is the effect of the mask and how it works.

Please let me know if you have any concerns that I might be able to help you with.

Kind regards,

Love it!

Have been using P4O sunscreen for a while now so bought this as soon as it was released! It is a beautiful texture and weight, nice to have a very light coverage and know that I’m also getting the spf protection. Don’t find it to be shiny either which is a win for me!

Thank you for this beautiful feedback Hannah, so glad you love it!

Love it brilliant

Love it!

I am surprised at how wonderful this product is. I usually prefer a fuller coverage foundation but thought I would try it based on other reviews. It absolutely does give my skin a beautiful healthy glow and the coverage is good. I'm very happy with this purchase and will reorder.

New tinted bioactive shield

I have used and loved P4O for a while now and was very excited to see that they had a tinted face sunscreen launching.

It has not disappointed, great colour, not greasy or chalky, easy to apply and the new packaging is fab.

As a devoted no-tox sunscreen user I’ll be adding this as a regular purchase.

Julie, thank you for your ongoing support and wonderful review of the SPF 50+ Tinted Mineral Bioactive Shield! Glad to hear you are enjoying it ☺️

Love it!

I’m a huge fan of the P4O range and was excited to trial their new tinted moisturiser. What a winner! This product has a beautiful, light texture which seamlessly melts into the skin and provides enough coverage to gently even out skin tone. Perfect for everyday use and sun protection. I highly recommend.

Thank you so much for your feedback Kiah, we are so happy to hear you love the new tinted shield!

Collagen Lips
Marina Vaxman
My absolute favourite balm / gloss for plumper lips

So glad I bought this little beauty! Best lip balm / gloss to make your lips just a bit plumper! I have seen that a new colour has just been released on the site so that's going to be the next purchase on my Xmas list. From me to me :-)


So glad I decided to try this - absolutely unique and delicious scents. The size makes it super versatile to drop into my smaller handbags to take out with me. The problem now is - I don't know which bigger size to pick as my everyday wear! Will buy again.

Amazing set - perfect for a Xmas gift!

What an amazing set, all fragrance scents are incredible and unique. The size makes it super versatile to drop into my smaller handbags to take out with me. This one is definitely on the list for my friends as a Xmas gift.

Collagen Lips
Nina Loh
Lip treat!

Have had this product for a few weeks. Love how it makes lips feel. Great base under a lip colour. Love 💋