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Jun 20, 2023

BAMBII had the privilege to sit down with AEOS' visionary founder, Mike Booth, and explore the driving force behind this exceptional brand. With a steadfast commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, AEOS is truly a trailblazer in the beauty industry. Our conversation with Mike also unveiled the remarkable power of crystal essence in our daily beauty rituals, adding a whole new dimension of wellness and vitality to our skincare routines. 

How do you create the crystal essence used in most of your AEOS products, and what makes this process so unique and beneficial to our skin and overall well-being?

Our spagyric essences are liquid gems and crystals prepared using ancient alchemical techniques over many months. Formed following the alchemical laws practised by Paracelsus – a pioneer in the history of spagyric medicine – and paired with our cutting-edge skincare formulas, spagyric crystal essences provide a truly unique approach to holistic skincare and well-being. Spagyric medicine refers to the separating, purifying and re-combining of materials, whereby only that which is most pure and beneficial is united. Our spagyric crystal essences supercharge our skincare to help deliver therapeutic effects for body, mind and soul alike.

 Can you share with us the fascinating process of selecting the types of crystals you use and the remarkable benefits they bring to our skincare regimen?

 I personally hand pick each crystal before it is sent to the lab for being transformed in to a spagyric essence. All crystals are ethically sourced and I interact with the crystals that we send to the laboratory for transformation to determine if they would be happy to fulfil their purpose in our products.

 The different crystals - such as rose quartz, fire opal, rubellite, emerald, turquoise, and amethyst, - are selected based on their colour spectrum and therapeutic benefits for the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

 Crystals contain a living memory of the ages, a consciousness that enables them to be both receivers and transmitters of information which can be a catalyst for knowledge and awareness within us. The cleansing, healing and vibrational powers of crystals and gems have long been revered. It’s their natural colours and vibratory resonance that transmit a unique depth of potency potential, one that is harnessed over the many years it takes to form the stone, sometimes hundreds of thousands of years.

AEOS skincare founder mike Booth

 "To the best of my knowledge, our company was the pioneer in utilizing spagyric quintessences of crystals and gems in the formulation of skincare products, on a global scale."

Mike Booth Founder of AEOS

When people envision crystal essence, they may assume that the products contain actual crystal particles. Is this the case with AEOS' products?

No. Spagyric medicine refers to the separating, purifying and re-combining of materials, whereby only that which is most pure and beneficial is united. There are no solid particles left after the alchemical technique that takes many months. All that remains is a highly potent liquid essence. 

 How does AEOS ensure that their use of crystals and their benefits align with the values of clean, ethical, and sustainable practices?

We believe that creating superior products that have the greatest benefits for your skin begins long before the ingredients are blended and poured into a bottle. That’s why the potency and pureness of our ingredients is our priority and is intrinsically linked to the biodynamic methods we adhere to on our 500 acre Demeter-certified Shire Farm in Lincolnshire.

By excluding all synthetic fertilizers and pesticides – while adhering to strict biodynamic farming principles and respecting a diverse ecosystem – we ensure there are no toxic residues in our products. Such a holistic approach to cultivation results in a balanced, happy and self-sustaining environment – where plants thrive and reach their full and powerful potential – delivering optimum nourishment to your skin.

 A healthy, glowing complexion doesn’t need to cost the earth! Beyond providing purer, more potent ingredients, biodynamic farming is one of the most ethical and sustainable forms of agriculture in existence. By cultivating the land following our pioneering biodynamic methods, we ensure it remains healthy and fertile for years to come.

We grow and harvest as much as we can to be used in our products, sourcing all other ingredients from exceptional organic and biodynamic farms across the world.

aeos crystal essence skincare

In your pursuit of ensuring the effectiveness, purity, and ethical sustainability of your products through biodynamic farming, are you exploring other ways to promote a sustainable future for the beauty industry?

From planting as many trees as possible (we recently planted an additional 15,000 trees on our farm in England) and reducing packaging, to leading the way with off-the-grid solar power, sustainability is paramount to the AEOS way of life.

We believe in keeping our formulations as ‘pure’ as possible. For us this means all ingredients must be unprocessed and have no derivatives from animals. All our formulations are created using vegan ingredients. Our products are never tested on animals, nor do we choose any raw materials or ingredients that are tested on animals.

AEOS is proudly certified by NATRUE - The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association. The NATRUE Label represents a reliable, verifiable and internationally applicable benchmark for authentic natural and organic beauty products.

Can you share with us another standout ingredient in the AEOS skincare range, besides the crystal essence? And the unique benefits and properties of this ingredient that make it a hero in your formulations.

 A hero ingredient that we include in all AEOS products is biodynamic spelt oil. Lovingly harvested at our biodynamic farm in Lincolnshire and harnessed using supercritical CO2 extraction methods to preserve its full properties, our spelt oil’s potent antioxidant powers make it particularly beneficial to skin in extra need of TLC – a skincare hero for very dry, prematurely ageing, environmentally-sensitised or eczema-prone skin. Packed with revitalising vitamin E, proteins and essential fatty acids, this skin-loving powerhouse is nature's solution to help moisturise and regenerate skin, making it a prize ingredient in all of our award-winning skincare products. Spelt oil’s high availability to the skin makes it fast-absorbing, enabling skin to reap maximum benefits of other biodynamic ingredients in our formulations. 

What incredible health benefits can be derived from using AEOS products?

We know there’s more to a healthy complexion than just treating it to the highest quality skincare ingredients. Our emotions can affect our physical bodies and skin too – so our skin can reflect long-standing emotional states. Colours have the power to enhance our emotional well-being, which in turn can enhance the well-being of our body and our skin – kindling the radiance within also helps us to glow on the outside. The spagyric essences of crystals along with 100% natural and plant-derived colours in our pink and blue formulations are specifically chosen to support this process. Choosing products based on our instinctual attraction to colour can deliver nurturing at a far deeper level than choosing them based on our skincare needs alone.

Being attracted to the calming hues of blue signals the desire to find more peace and serenity in your daily life. To choose blue is to invite stillness and calm within, to find peace and acceptance with our circumstances. Our blue formulations, rich in skin-soothing chamomile and enhanced with spagyric crystal essences of amethyst, turquoise and emerald, that help you slow down, breathe deep and soothe away the effects of stress from your skin.

When you’re drawn to the warm hues of pink, you instinctively recognise the desire to bring more kindness, caring and love into your life. Our pink formulations are enhanced with spagyric crystal essences of fire opal, rose quartz and rubellite, that help to support the heart chakra and assist you in achieving the rosy complexion that replenishing these pink qualities within yourself helps to create.

When choosing AEOS products, we recommend allowing yourself to be guided by your instinct, not just your skincare needs. Select the colour you're most drawn to, and you'll benefit from a combination of skincare products that best meet the individual needs of your skin and emotional wellbeing.

How does AEOS skincare's holistic approach, which considers emotions and well-being, benefit the health of your skin?

Our philosophy is simple: to achieve your most beautiful complexion yet, we must first care for the soil, feed the skin and nourish the soul – and we do this in the most pure and kind way, to benefit as many people as possible. Our award-winning formulations have nature’s powers to thank and are blended, purified and activated using cutting-edge technologies and innate expertise, resulting in a range of hydrating textures, soul-soothing colours and calming aromas. This approach to capturing potent yet fragile natural actives means radiance is revealed, weather-worn skin is quenched, a healthy glow is inevitable and natural ‘ageing’ becomes beautiful.

aeos skincare biodynamic farm 

As we come to the end of our interview with AEOS founder Mike Boost, it is clear that his passion for creating skincare products that promote holistic well-being is at the heart of everything he does. From the use of spagyric crystal essences to biodynamic farming practices, AEOS is committed to creating products that are not only effective, but also ethical and sustainable.

AEOS products are more than just skincare; they are a reflection of the brand's values and commitment to promoting holistic well-being. By incorporating the power of crystals and biodynamic farming, AEOS is paving the way for a more sustainable and mindful approach to beauty.

So whether you are looking for a skincare product that can help improve the appearance of your skin or seeking a more mindful and holistic approach to your self-care routine, AEOS has something for you. We hope this interview has provided valuable insights into the brand's philosophy and approach, and inspires you to explore the benefits of AEOS for yourself.

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